Some things I do

The Browser, the internet's finest curation and recommendation newsletter. Every day we savour hundreds of articles and bring you the standouts, so you can enjoy the best of the internet without suffering through the whole of the internet.

Some things I've made

Person Do Thing, the game of simple words and crazy ideas. Play online or get the app on Android.

Days Old, a different way to think about age. 500k+ unique users.

Some things I wrote

Thinking Statistically, the little book filled with the big ideas of statistics. One of the 99 best business books of all time; available in Mandarin and Korean, and as audiobook on Audible.

The Business of Big Data (with Martin Schmalz): how to think strategically about the economic impacts of AI and complement AI instead of competing against it.

The Economics of Everyday Life for the Economist's 1843 Magazine.

... and many many articles on science, business, love and economics.

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My agent is the inimitable Toby Mundy. Contact him, you'll enjoy it.