I make things out of thoughts


The Browser, serving the most interesting reads and listens in the world. Every day we savour hundreds of pieces and select the finest five, so you'll always have something to read on the train and curious things to discuss at dinner.

I MAKE....

Person Do Thing, the game of simple words and crazy ideas. Buy it on Apple or Android.

Letter Cat, the letter game for letter people.

Days Old, a different way to think about age. 300k+ unique users.


Thinking Statistically, the little book filled with the big ideas of statistics. One of the 99 best business books of all time; available in Mandarin and Korean.

The Economics of Everyday Life for the Economist's 1843 Magazine.

... and many many articles on science, business, love and economics.


I really, truly would love to hear from you: uri@uribram.com. If we're in the same place I'll buy you a coffee.

My agent is the inimitable Toby Mundy. Contact him, you'll enjoy it.

The internet is bloated, which is especially unfair on people in developing countries. Sometimes it's nice to stay minimal; this website is under 100kb.