Email Chain Epidemiology

My new piece for ... Read more »

Easy as A/B/C

I run a little website called Days, where users input their date of birth and the website tells them how many days old they are. It’s kind of perfect for A/B experiments because it doesn’t have much going on and has a very clear “flow” -- there’ ... Read more »

A simple way to share javascript quiz results on Facebook

Recently I wanted to make a "personalized" facebook sharer, so that people who used my quiz-like website could share their results on facebook with an automatic, personalised message (you know what I'm talking about: "what kind of rock are you? I got igneous!" -- that kind of thing). I found ... Read more »

How Worms Learn

My new piece on an excellent paper about aversive imprinting in worms, for The Scientist. ... Read more »

No You Don't Want To Hire A Web Developer

Most people who want a website for their business / project / publication / self want a site that does approximately 6 things: displays text, displays photos, displays videos, has a contact form, shows a map, and has a calendar. If this describes you, you do not want to hire a web developer. ... Read more »

What’s wrong with the internet in Africa [for Quartz]

Not slow connections—they’ve gotten a lot better. The problem is that most of the websites Africans look at are hosted overseas, which leads to high latency (delays) and high costs. On Quartz Africa, Uri Bram looks at the data and a possible solution. Recommended as one of the ... Read more »


I got interviewed briefly for the Wall Street Journal for Sue Shellenbarger's excellent piece on time/money tradeoffs. ... Read more »

Tomy Chatbot, by Michele M. F.

The Meta-Imitation Game [for Motherboard]

I pretended to be a chatbot. It was fun. My first intrepid subject was my friend Alison. Sitting at a screen some thousand miles away, she logged into a chat program to start simultaneous conversations with my two recently created chat personalities, ChattyChattyBotBot and ChatbotMcChatterson. One of these accounts was ... Read more »

How Whimsical, by Scott Akerman

Interview on the Vaults of Whimsy

The good people at the vaults of whimsy interviewed me for their whimsical podcast. Topics covered include music, writing and statistical thinking. Check it out! ... Read more »

by Andrew Hunter

Writing and Improv (on The Nursery.Com)

It’s an old improv cliche: you’re talking in a little circle about some improv-concept or other and then someone says “it’s just like life” and then everyone cries a little bit inside, and possibly also outside, and there’s a long silence and then you change topics ... Read more »

Learning to Code

I know, I know, everyone and her dog is learning to code these days and probably half those people have breathless blogposts about Learning to Code. I'm about a month into my 3rd-ish attempt and it's going better than the last two times so... this is what's been working for ... Read more »

Statistical Magicians (in Significance Magazine)

  Up on stage, the magician is preparing for her next big trick. She whips out a deck of cards and finds an unsuspecting member of the audience. “Pick a card, any card”, she says. The audience member is instructed not to reveal the chosen card, instead placing it face ... Read more »

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