The Meta-Imitation Game [for Motherboard]

Tomy Chatbot, by Michele M. F.

I pretended to be a chatbot. It was fun.

My first intrepid subject was my friend Alison. Sitting at a screen some thousand miles away, she logged into a chat program to start simultaneous conversations with my two recently created chat personalities, ChattyChattyBotBot and ChatbotMcChatterson. One of these accounts was me, trying to sound bot-like; the other channeled Mitsuku, a powerful chatbot created by Steve Worswick. (I was manually entering the responses in both streams so that the robot’s instant answers wouldn’t give the whole game away.) Could Alison tell which was which?

“Hey you!” wrote Alison.

Suddenly I was a nervous teenager again, desperately over-thinking how to respond to an instant message.

The Reverse Turing Test, at Motherboard.

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