The Garden

The world is a garden, strange and endless,
full of hills and trees and flowers.

We are just little people, though. And we know it, we feel it.

The world, for us, is too big to cope with.

There's too much, and it's too far, and there are too many choices. What will you do with your life – climb the hills, carve the trees, pick the flowers?

It's enough to make you do nothing instead.

Some of us cope by putting up fences.

Fences makes the world small;

small enough to cope with.

Inside the fence, it's possible to convince yourself that you're making real progress; that you'll finish the work within this lifetime.

Without a fence...

you can go much further, and still not feel like you got anywhere.

It's not that fences are always bad: maybe sometimes it's productive to build them, or even to imagine that our little fenced spaces are in fact the whole world.

But... in truth, the fence is not the world.

Beyond our fence is wonder and beauty undreamt of in our philosophies.

And maybe the real secret is making peace with walking the world without fenceposts to keep you safe, or to mark how far you've come.

It's hard, and scary.

But the reward is going further, doing more.

And seeing the world as it truly is.

Vast; beautiful; yours.

The Best from Uri Bram

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