Learning to Code

I know, I know, everyone and her dog is learning to code these days and probably half those people have breathless blogposts about Learning to Code. I'm about a month into my 3rd-ish attempt and it's going better than the last two times so... this is what's been working for ... Read more »

Statistical Magicians (in Significance Magazine)

  Up on stage, the magician is preparing for her next big trick. She whips out a deck of cards and finds an unsuspecting member of the audience. “Pick a card, any card”, she says. The audience member is instructed not to reveal the chosen card, instead placing it face ... Read more »

What Famous Websites Looked Like At The Very Beginning

With thanks to the super-cool and under-appreciated Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Google, 1998 Yahoo, 1996 Ebay, 1999 Amazon, 1999 Made with the oddly-named but very excellent LiceCap ... Read more »

Ability and Performance

Something that's bothered me for a while now is the possibility that people who are "naturally" good at something might be more likely to draw the wrong lessons about how to get better at it. (Does natural ability really exist, or is basically-all performance actually down to practice? Fair question, ... Read more »

Distribution of U.S. States by Starting Letter

Distribution of U.S. States by Starting Letter

I have no idea why, I just woke up curious. ... Read more »

Selection Biased History

More about selection bias in business from Jerker Denrell; a great place to start with his work is "Selection Bias and the Perils of Benchmarking" For more (oh so much more) about selection bias in general, see my book Thinking Statistically. Transcript The other day, I was skimming through old ... Read more »

"Do Not Disturb" in Japanese

My article "Do Not Disturb" has been translated into Japanese by the good people at PostD. I don't read Japanese, unfortunately, but in case you do: Do Not Disturb in Japanese こんな経験はありませんか? あなたはデスクに向かい、この一週間仕事を滞らせ続けている1つの問題を解決するため、考えを巡らせています。頭の奥底で、他の誰もが思いつかないようなアイデアや可能性を構築している最中です。識別した概念の数々を積み重ねたり、ひっくり返したり、引っ張ってみたり、またはすき間に入れてみたりします。あと少しで、時代を超えて立ち続けるような強靭な石のアーチが出来上がります。しかし、まだ完成していないそのアーチは、あなたが手を離してしまえば途端に崩れ落ちてしまいそうです。 ... Read more »

Choice Paralysis by Lauren McDonald

Elaborate Self-Justifications for Decisions You Already Made

I'm facing a big decision, and a couple of friends have recommended trying to tackle it in a structured way – say, by writing down a list of pros and cons and trying to weigh them up systematically. My problem here is that I've watched a number of friends go through ... Read more »

Facebook's Dislike Button (on Medium)

In a public Q&A in Menlo Park yesterday afternoon, Mark Zuckerberg discussed a question many of us have probably mused about: why doesn’t Facebook have a Dislike button? The little blue thumbs-up is ubiquitous across the web these days; why not a little blue thumbs-down to go ... Read more »

How Not To Be Those Scientists Who Left an Unfortunate Note-To-Self In Their Published Paper

My Facebook has blown up this week with science friends linking to a really unfortunate incident where a group of authors had an offhand note-to-self about someone else's paper accidentally made public in a published journal article. [I'm scratching out the names here because I bet everyone involved is having ... Read more »

by Legozilla/flickr

The most important person at your company doesn't work for you (on Quartz)

"What many businesses forget is that the most important employee to listen to is the employee that isn’t. I don’t mean “the employee that isn’t” in any zombie Halloween sense, but much more mundanely: The employees that join a company, and the ones that stay, are not ... Read more »

Brandon Warren/flickr

Do Not Disturb (on Cafe.com)

"It’s a common occurrence: You’re sitting at your desk, lost in thought, trying to solve a problem that’s been blocking your work all week. Deep in your brain you’re building a structure of thoughts and possibilities undreamed of in anyone’s philosophy: You identify concepts and ... Read more »

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