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My work is used widely at universities and professional schools to teach statistical thinking to math-phobic students. Contact if you'd like to discuss how Thinking Statistically (and supplementary materials) might work for your students.

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Uri is available for speaking and consulting for select clients. Contact to discuss your needs.

Standing Invitation for shy/hesitant people:

One of my all-time favourite writers and thinkers, Patrick McKenzie, has a Standing Invitation on his website that starts "I was once a shy engineer with a pathological fear of annoying people by contacting them." That's something I deeply identify with, so I wanted to put the same standing invitation on my own site too. I feel a bit silly doing so because it feels a bit presumptuous: do I really think anyone wants to write to me in the first place? But if we all stopped over-thinking so much and just emailed each other I think we'd all be better off.

My email address is

Patrick also has some super-useful thoughts about emailing (for shy/hesitant people), which again resonated deeply with fears I've often felt when thinking about reaching out to people I don't know. I liked Patrick's tips so much that I didn't feel I could add anything if I wrote my own equivalents, except that I'm in a different field than he is, and I didn't want to just copy his over without giving credit. So here ya go: Patrick's wise advice, tweaked for my personal situation:

I like getting email. I have never, not even once, regretted getting email from a [writer, statistician, student, or person interested in writing or conceptual thinking]. There is absolutely nothing you can do in my inbox which will cause me to think poorly of you as a person or make fun of you to my friends. The worst thing that has ever happened from someone sending me an email is me being a bit busy that day and not replying. Feel free to send me email.

I like reading things. If you write something worth reading, tell me. Again, the worst thing that has ever happened as a result of that is that I just don’t read it. All that cost you was a two-line email.

I like [writing and talking about writing]. This is doubly true of [writing] which is relevant to my interests. A non-exclusive list of those would include [statistics and conceptual thinking about everyday life]. If you write [books, articles, etc] that you think I would be interested in, feel free to send me an email.

I like meeting people in real life. [I move around a lot so it's often hard to say where I'll be but if you want to talk about writing or conceptual thinking: let me know where you are and next time I'm there] I’ll buy you coffee, no questions asked.

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