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Uri Bram is the bestselling author of Thinking Statistically, consults for major international organisations, and speaks at businesses and non-profits about using data and statistical thinking effectively in the real world.

You can get in touch at uri@uribram.com

For Academics:

Uri's work is used widely at universities and professional schools to teach statistical thinking to math-phobic students. Contact academic@uribram.com or check out further resources for educators that can be used alongside Thinking Statistically.

For Business:

Uri is available for speaking and consulting for select clients. Contact enquiries@uribram.com to enquire about availability.


Thinking Statistically

"This whimsical slim volume … uses simple examples to illustrate its points, largely eschews equations, and can be comfortably absorbed inside an hour. ‘Less is more’ is well exemplified in its forty-odd pages … just as literature enthusiasts will re-read favourite books, despite knowing the characters and plot inside-out, so readers can revisit this book to appreciate its messages, delivered with charm and good humour."

The Game Theory

The most remarkable utility of the book is that the reader will immediately link daily life situations with the theory and, therefore, think more strategically.

Thinking Musically

It is an enviable skill to be able to explain the complex physical mechanisms and logic beneath the remarkably rich world of music. These authors do just that in this book that is simultaneously comprehensive and lighthearted.

Write Harder

With little bundles of fried-gold like Thinking Statistically, Bram’s already proven that he can unpack a concept like a baggage handler with a vibrating suitcase. Now, with his upcoming title Write Harder, he promises to show you how to show others how to do it too.

Further Projects:

Uri is the co-creator of Rainy Fiction: an experiment in making online reading more immersive (and rainy).

Uri is the creator of Days Old, the website that tells you how many days old you are.

Uri is the founder of The Concepts Project: smart people give quick, easy intros to the key concepts from their disciplines.

The Best from Uri Bram

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Thinking Statistically in Chinese

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Start Thinking Statistically

Thinking Statistically Book Cover

"Thinking Statistically explains essential concepts in statistics with wit and flair. Instead of page after page of mathematical mumbo-jumbo, Uri Bram tells stories that clearly illustrate the core ideas."

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